Diploma in Computer Engineering Program Objective

Diploma in Computer Engineering program can be a good choice for your career. Information Technology has transformed the present world into a global village. In this modern communication system, political, social and economic context is changing with our lives. Computer technology is determined to move forward with this changing time. In the technology-based world, you can’t be an alternative to reading computer science technology if you’re an independent person. Only computer technology can provide multi-faceted employment opportunities. Computer Technology is essential in building digital Bangladesh as a economically rich country. In 2011, each course was compulsory for computers. All-government and private institutions are going to launch e-governess, so it is estimated how huge the number of computer technology employment can be. Diploma in Engineering Technology will help you in the first row of these computer technicians. This computer diploma degree will be your first key to entering uninterrupted computer-related work field. Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering Course Duration And Assessment Diploma in computer science and engineering is a 4-year long program consisting of 8 semesters (1 Semester = 6 months). The final and the midterm exams of each semester are conducted under the supervision of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). All the exams question, answer script checking and final results are published by the BTEB. Besides this, each student has to attend the regular class test, quiz test, and semester final project. After successful completion, a student will receive a Diploma Certificate. There are many students who are interested in a diploma in computer science in Bangladesh. If you are one of them, apply for the computer diploma course in Bangladesh now! The Admission procedure starts after the SSC results. So, you can start a diploma in computer engineering course after 10th. There is mainly one session in a year. Students have to follow the admission announcement which is given by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board Authority. Usually, the admission procedure starts after May (depending on the SSC Result). Career Prospects Of Diploma In Computer Engineering A four years long Diploma in Computer Engineering is highly valued today, among the young generation for its work/job-oriented approaches, syllabuses. After completing SSC, a student can join in this course and receive the status of a Diploma Engineer, from where they can enter the job field so easily. Anowara Polytechnic Institute is one of the best private Polytechnic institutes of Bangladesh that provides technical education in Bangladesh with ensuring quality.

Course Duration and Assessment

This four-year diploma program in engineering disciplines aims to produce competent mid-level managers and supervisors who can carry out engineering projects. Students may enroll in this course provided they have a certificate of SSC passing. Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), the curriculum and academic activities of this course are governed.

Career of Diploma in Computer Engineering

When comparing the top computer jobs, take note of employment forecasts, important growth factors, salary ranges, and other details. Then, click on the links of your preferred IT career paths to access detailed career profiles that include salary analyses, certification requirements, education requirements, training and degree requirements, local job openings, and insider advice from IT professionals.
Today’s youth place a high value on a four-year diploma in computer engineering because of its work- and job-oriented curricula. A student who has completed their SSC can enroll in this course and become a Diploma Engineer, which would allow them to readily enter the workforce. Government, commercial, power plant, IT, and other sectors are among the employment areas for diploma holders in computer science.

Eligibility for Admission

Minimum GPA of 2.00 and minimum SSC equivalent in any discipline.
Science HSC students can enroll directly in the third semester.
Vocational HSC students can enroll directly in the fourth semester.

Admission Requirements

3 copies of PP size photos
• Main copy of the SSC transcript
• In addition to the correctly completed admissions form

Lab facilities

• Software lab
• Hardware lab
• PLC lab
• Networking lab
• Drawing lab
• Graphics Design Lab
• Physics Lab
• Chemistry Lab
• Industrial Electronics Lab
• Electrical Machine lab


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